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Program Details - Engineering Pathways (Jewellery Focus) Certificate II

Program Title Engineering Pathways (Jewellery Focus) Certificate II
Industry SectorEngineering & Construction Industries
QualificationPartial Certificate II in Engineering Pathways
This course will provide exposure to both Mechanical Engineering and Fabrication trades.
Qualification CodeMEM20413
DescriptionThe qualification is intended for people interested in exposure to an engineering or related working environment with a view to entering into employment in that area. This qualification will equip graduates with knowledge and skills which will enhance their prospects of employment in an engineering or related working environment. The course is the first year of a two year course. Students will achieve competencies towards the Certificate II in Engineering Pathways. The second year will allow students to complete all of the set competencies in the Certificate II in Engineering Pathways. Students will also commence a few competencies from the Certificate III in Engineering. The courses will teach students the fundamentals of design, manufacturing processes and techniques, with an emphasise engineering skills to ensure students will be well-placed to enter this field. The courses focus on a hand-working skill base, this offers an element of creative control so students can become a jeweller or production designer
PathwaysThe competencies that have been chosen for this subject have been scoped so that they allow students to gain a sound foundation in both skills and knowledge in order that they may enter a range of possible pathways in an engineering environment. Graduates of this course could expect to find employment in the jewellery industry where basic skills are required, and/or as retail assistants. Further opportunities exist throughout the creative arts sector as freelance worker in related fields of art, design and education.
Program Length2 Semesters (1 year)
2 Semesters (1 year) 36 weeks per year.
CoursesThe following courses are offered within this program

Certificate II in Engineering Pathways (Jewellery Focus) – Working Towards
Host    : Parafield Gardens High School
Location(s) : Parafield Gardens High School
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