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Course Details - SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering (Northern Adelaide Senior College)

NASSSA TitleCertificate III in Barbering
QualificationSHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering
RTOColour Cosmetica Academy (National Code 40055)
Host OrganisationNorthern Adelaide Senior College
Course Length2 Semesters (1 year)
Course DescriptionThe return of the Barber means there is a need for specialist barbering skills, particularly as fashion for men is in high demand, conquered by the famous fade and precisely groomed facial hair. Certificate III in Barbering is a comprehensive qualification that concentrates on the art of precision men’s cutting. Students will learn how to design, cut and style men’s hair, developing skills and techniques in design, cutting and styling of men’s fashion haircuts, specialising in; men’s one length and solid design shapes, men’s graduated design shapes, men’s layered design shapes, the art of cutting men’s hair using scissor over-comb and it’s techniques, with combined fashion and classic men’s precision haircuts and detailed cutting using freehand clipper techniques. Haircut designs will cover everything from fades, designs, shape ups, caesars cuts, flat tops, classical cuts, scissor over comb and shave techniques and much more. In the men’s grooming division students will develop skills and techniques in providing men’s general and luxury grooming services, designing and maintaining beards and moustaches, precise head and face shaves, providing luxury shampoo and basin services, identifying and treating hair and scalp conditions, providing head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation, and drying and styling men’s hair to shape. In the men’s business division students will learn how to participate in environmentally sustainable work practices, maintain and organise barber tools, equipment and work areas, the importance of complying with organisational requirements within the barber environment, communication skills required as a barber and within the barber team, industry importance for applying safe hygiene, health and work practices, the savvy business of barbering, up to the minute barber industry information and barber contacts, the importance of developing and expanding a client base as a barber, front desk and customer service, the value and meaning of recommending products and services for the barber, conducting salon financial transactions, how to provide great barber salon services to clients, the barber professional image and professional self-marketing techniques. • During the course you will work both as a part of a team and individually. • You will meet a range of different people and will work standing for extended periods of time. • You will need to enjoy practical work and working with other students. • This is high in practical studies with 60% practical and 40% theory. • Students will be required to keep a portfolio of evidence in the form of photographs of all their work. • Competencies will require students to complete theory assignments and assessments. • A logbook will be used to keep record of all work completed and practical assessments. • Students will work on each other when learning new skills. • Students will be required to wear flat, closed in shoes during the course and have a professional industry image. • Students will be required to wear the Colour Cosmetica Academy uniform - Black Colour Cosmetica Academy T – Shirt with black pants or pencil length skirt.
PathwaysFrom this course you can further your studies in: SHB30416- Certificate III in Hairdressing, SHB40216- Certificate IV in Hairdressing, SHB50216- Diploma of Salon Management.
Entry RequirementsN/A
Other RequirementsStudents are expected to wear black, fully enclosed shoes, Colour Cosmetica Academy T-shirt (which will be provided after start date) with black pants or knee length black skirt, hair tied back if long or presented in an industry manner, with good hygiene. Students must always bring a black, blue and red pen, highlighters, notepaper, diary, folders with plastic sleeves and required textbooks to every session. Students will need to purchase their kit by the end of the first week and bring it to every lesson. If students have a laptop it is recommended to bring it to every class (Wifi will be provided). It will be the students’ responsibility to care for their own belongings.
Delivery Location(s)Colour Cosmetica Academy, 20D John Street, SALISBURY, SA, 5108
20D John Street, Salisbury 5108
Dates and Times36 weekly sessions at Colour Cosmetica Academy on Tuesdays from 09:00 until 15:00.
Commencement date 02/02/21.
SACE DetailsSACE Stage 2, 110 SACE credits
770 Nominal hours.
Units Of Competency
CoreBSBSUS201Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices20 nominal hours
 SHBHBAS001 Provide shampoo and basin services40 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT001 Design haircut structures20 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT002 Create one length or solid haircut structures30 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT003 Create graduated haircut structures35 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT004 Create layered haircut structures35 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT005Cut hair using over-comb techniques30 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT007Create combined traditional and classic men’s haircut structures45 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT009Cut hair using freehand clipper techniques25 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT011Design and maintain beards and moustaches20 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT012Shave heads and faces25 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT013Provide men’s general grooming services25 nominal hours
 SHBHDES001Dry hair to shape40 nominal hours
 SHBHIND001 Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas20 nominal hours
 SHBHIND003Develop and expand a client base35 nominal hours
 SHBHTRI001 Identify and treat hair and scalp conditions25 nominal hours
 SHBXCCS001 Conduct salon financial transactions25 nominal hours
 SHBXCCS002Provide salon services to clients40 nominal hours
 SHBXIND001 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment45 nominal hours
 SHBXIND002 Communicate as part of a salon team30 nominal hours
 SHBXWHS001 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices30 nominal hours
ElectiveSHBHBAS002Provide head, neck and shoulder massages for relaxation20 nominal hours
 SHBXCCS004Recommend products and services20 nominal hours
 SHBHIND002Research and use hairdressing industry information15 nominal hours
 SHBXCCS004Recommend products and services20 nominal hours
 SHBHCUT006Create combined haircut structures45 nominal hours
Nominal hours are used for SACE purposes and are not reflective of actual delivery hours
Training Cost$4,100.00 including GST
Colour Cosmetica Academy prefer that students have their own laptop for all theory online study with eBook upload.
Other Costs$500.00 including GST
Barber Kit
Cost NotesDepartment for Education Non-NASSSA students enrolling will incur a $50.00 additional Administration fee (Full year course – pro rata for semester/term courses). Non-Department for Education students enrolling will incur a $250.00 administration fee. (Full year course – pro rata for semester/term courses) Enrolments for both these groups of students MUST be done through the WebVET Administrator.
Number Of StudentsMinimum    10
Maximum   20
Selection ProcessTalk to your school VET Coordinator
Orientation DetailsCourse orientation occurs during the first training session.
Public TransportWalking distance from the Salisbury Interchange
Contact PersonMs Rebecca Faraone, Phone 8232 9588, Mobile 0403 530 790, Email
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